“Leaving your hot food to cool down is the source of another man’s luck”. Though the idea behind this ancient African proverb transcends the concept of food, the wisdom of using the value of hot food is most relevant: Finish your food while its hot or you might have to share it with a lot of people when it cools down. It is far more essential for people to seize opportunities for themselves than to dither and most often than not, see the chance go begging. However, as any person knows, it is often after the opportunity has passed that contrition sets in.

This is especially true when it comes to education and business.  When it comes to work or presentations in a society constantly going more ‘English’, taking the initiative of English language training improves efficiency and confidence. Of course English language training goes beyond simple translation of materials or the Papago option which is often as confusing to native English speakers as an alien language.

But what about organizations that invest in teaching their staff to learn English?  Sure, its an additional cost or a seeming inconvenience. But they also get a huge increase in value. Besides the obvious benefit of investing in their employees’ professional development and personal growth, these companies are also paving the way for upward mobility within their own organizations.  Instead of professional organizations preparing reports littered with grammatical errors, they can be proactive in overcoming this foreseeable pitfall.

Translating write-ups and presentations using Papago is a stop-gap measure that quickly becomes obsolete.  What’s the better choice I would ask? The world is becoming increasingly global, and bilingual employees help give employers a required competitive edge in every industry.

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